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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Twitter Etiquette - What to do when someone "Favorites" your post

As asked by a friend:

Q: I need your input... when someone "favorites" one of your tweets, what is or is there a response "protocol"?

A: I think when Twitter first launched the "favorite" feature, they intended it to serve as a bookmark for its users. When you favorite a tweet, you are able to access it again at a later date by clicking on "favorites" on your Twitter homepage, you are able to see those tweets that you favorited.

However, over time, people started using the "favorite" feature as a way to show that they liked a post. Lately, I've noticed that most people are using the "favorite" feature to show their appreciation, approval, or simply their acknowledgement of a post.

What do I do in response? It depends on the situation.

1. Nothing.
2. Look at their recent tweets, and return the favor by favoriting one of their tweets.
3. Retweet one of their tweets.

Options 2 and 3 help to create greater engagement between you and the other Twitter user, plus it helps to increase their visibility on Twitter.

I rarely rely to say "thanks" for someone favoriting a Tweet, because that is not really necessary. It would be like sending a thank you not for receiving a thank you note.

Now, I'd like my Twitter peeps to weigh in: how do you respond (if at all) when someone favorites one of your tweets? 

Tweet your response using the hashtag #FavoriteEtiquette and I'll RT you and give you a "favorite."


Heather Coleman Voss said...

Hi Brenda,
I agree - "Favoriting" is very similar to "Liking" a post on Facebook. I favorite tweets that I like, but also favorite RT's to show the person that I appreciate the RT.

Clearly, the next step is to RT one of their tweets, but if I am short on time I will "Favorite" at the very least.

Great post. :)

Mobile Computing East West Sales said...

#FavoriteEtiquette Thank you for the clear and helpful answer.

East West Sales said...

#FavoriteEtiquette Thank you for the clear and helpful answer.

Garth Farkley said...

I sent a tweet to a singer to ask her if she was the person singing on the closing credits of a movie. She didn't answer. She just favorited my tweet. I wonder what that means?

kapush said...

Thank you for explaining it so well.
Have you considered using one of those plugins that allow your customized snippets to be tweeted at one click? Click to Tweet, I think...
Thanks again :)