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Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Love Pie on 3.14 and everyday

I have a pie confession.
Those who follow me on social media know that I love pie. But there are days when I wonder, "Do I really love pie?
I work out so I can enjoy guilt-free pie. ~ Brenda Meller 

Then I start really thinking about what I like about pie. Is it the sweet and salty crust? The fruit filling? The combination of fruit filling and buttery flaky crust which makes it seem somewhat nutritious (it's not)?

Is it that I "own" the whole pie-loving thing because frankly, there just aren't that many pie-lovers out there? Or is it due to my family memories of pie growing up?

Sidebar: my mom loved to bake. 
She entered the Michigan State Fair each year with a variety of baked goods. I remember the months leading up to the State Fair she would start marking her calendar for the bake days and drop off days. She would pull aside index cards with cookie recipes she made throughout the year. And one year, she and I entered a Mother-Daughter pie baking contest together. She wore a black blazer with white pants, and I wore a white blazer and black
This would be an awesome gift for me.
My mom would've loved these too.
pants. We baked an apple pie. I don't think we won, but it's a memory I'll never forget. But I digress. 

Pie = Truth
So after significant contemplation, I come to the conclusion: Yes, I truly do love pie. But it's not an obsession. It's more of a fondness. I rarely buy a whole pie (because I'm the only one at home who will eat it and that's a dangerous calorie risk), so it makes it that much more special when a pie opportunity (pie-portunity?) presents itself. I simply appreciate pie. 

#Pieup on Pie Day
Tomorrow is March 14. Or as I like to call it, 3.14 pie day. Now I know there's some "official" pie day on the calendar and it's probably in the fall,
Pie Humor.
but come on - 3.14 should be Pie day!

I'll be celebrating with a lunch of pie at Grand Traverse Pie. I've heard others will be joining me. And they are all rock stars. 

Now that I'm an adult, I've finally learned if you do the right thing and eat lunch first, your belly will be full and you will not appreciate the full pie experience. #PieAppreciation 

This probably sounds familiar, right? Think of Thanksgiving: There is a whole parade of pies, often on display for the whole meal, that go uneaten until hours after the turkey because everyone is so full. Then when you finally do sit down to enjoy pie, you're even not that hungry and you're only eating dessert because you don't want to hurt the feelings of your mom / aunt / grandmother. How could you be hungry? You've just eaten more carbs at Thanksgiving than you eat at any other meal ever. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. 

Some of My #Pie-isms
Randazzo's Rocks.
They sell HALF PIES.
The point is - I'm a pie purist. If you want to enjoy pie, eat pie INSTEAD of your meal. That way, your hunger will be satiated at the same time that you are enjoying that delicate crust, the delicious fruit filling, and if you choose, whipped cream or ice cream topping.

"But pie will not fill me up," you say? Well then go ahead and get yourself a sandwich or cup of soup AFTER you enjoy the pie. Better to waste a full belly on plain 'ole ordinary soup than on a wonderful piece of pie. Pie does not complete its pie destiny unless it is fully enjoyed. #Pie-isms

Again, this brings me to my conclusion. Yes, I do love pie. 

And tomorrow, I'm eating pie for lunch. And if I'm still hungry, I'll eat a second slice. 

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