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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Use Pinterest for Your Retail Business

Pinterest is the next new thing, or has been for quite some time. As one of the newer kids on the social media block, it still remains to be seen how many businesses will be able to use Pinterest to help their business.

I've seen a few businesses use it with great success and would like to provide you some help.

I'm going to use the Birmingham, Michigan business named "Fun Stuff" as an example. (Note to readers: I've asked Denise for permission to use her site as an example and she gave me the okay.)


Denise is starting to post Fun Stuff products on her Pinterest page. Many of the products she sells at her retail store are sourced from other websites and businesses. I think it's a great idea to share her products on her Pinterest page, since it helps to illustrate what she sells. 

Here is an example of a product sold at Fun Stuff. It's a plastic, see-through container filled with beads and objects. Kids shake it up and try to find the items inside. My seven-year-old thought this was awesome. The pin is here:

The problem is that the object pinned to the page is pointing to the manufacturer's site, which is driving traffic there instead of to the Fun Stuff site. 

To fix this, I would suggest pinning objects directly from the Fun Stuff website.

So instead of pinning the image from the manufacturer 

Post the image on the Fun Stuff site and link it from

Right now, it appears the Fun Stuff website is a landing page with contact links, but no product pages. By adding product pages, Denise can help to drive more traffic to her website, give more visibility to her business (instead of to her manufacturers), and possibly help to generate online sales, rather than sending them to the manufacturer direct. 

Her pins will then become much more effective in creating awareness and promoting her business.

Here are a few examples of pins from businesses who are on Pinterest, and the pins point directly to their sites where you can order the products. 

Uncommon Goods 
"The Neighbors Have Better Stuff" welcome mat. See pin at

Doodie Packs 
(worn by dogs to carry their poop supplies, bags, etc.). I read about this business in Entrepreneur Magazine and now friends with the owner Kristin on Facebook. See pin at

Lego Ice Cube Tray. 
Found this at the Lego Store in NYC. Single best lego product EVER. Reusable. You can freeze water and your kid thinks you're awesome. Let me write that again. YOU CAN FREEZE WATER AND YOUR KID THINKS YOU'RE AWESOME. This photo was from Amazon. See pin here:

Happy Pinning! And if you're on Pinterest, please give my boards a follow: and post your Pinterest username as a comment to this post, and I'll follow you.