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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LinkedIn tip-of-the-week: ANSWERS (wanna be an expert?)

Quick tip-of-the-week on LinkedIn: ANSWERS section -- earning "Expert" ratings

LinkedIn has a great site feature where you can post questions or answer questions. If you're familiar with this area of the site, you know that some connections have been rated as an "EXPERT" for questions that they have answered. We all have egos - and we'd all like to be ranked as an expert, right? Plus, it provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your professional expertise and be rated by peers.

One technique I've learned is identify low-hanging fruit. Look for the questions within your area of expertise and identify questions with five or fewer responses. Chances are, these are the tough questions or those that aren't appealing to anyone else. The fewer people who respond means more of an opportunity to be ranked as a "good" or "BEST" response - earning you the highly coveted "EXPERT" ranking by LinkedIn.

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